Why Use a Content Management System?

Using a Content Management System

  1. Make easy and timely updates

    1. A CMS uses a web interface. Updates and changes can be made from any Internet connection. No special software is needed or programming skills.
    2. Changes to documents and images are as easy as using a word processing program like Word.
    3. Immediate updates by the individuals intimately involved in changes in products or literature.
  2. Assign privileges
    1. Assign different privileges to users so that they can only make changes to certain pages.
    2. This allows spreading out the responsibility for web content to various individuals with knowledge of that area.
    3. Avoids overwhelming individuals with the whole responsibility for web updates.
  3. Cost effective
    1. Don’t need to pay for maintenance for the site.
    2. Modules are available to add functionality to the site without paying a programmer to start from scratch.
    3. Some CMS are Open Source programs which mean they are free to use.
  4. Consistency
    1. Design and layout are the same throughout the site.
    2. CMS allows the framework and design of the site to be separated from the content.
    3. Design is in Cascading Style Sheets that are not accessible to content editor.