Who are we (and why you should entrust your business to us)?

Jeri is a website designer and content manager with over 16 years of experience designing and managing websites, her own art sites as well as sites for state-wide non-profits. She also specializes in managing digital information and preparing presentations and online training modules.1

She has specialized in image optimization and security on the web. Jeri is the author of a book entitled “Protecting your Online Images: the information you need to decide how to best protect your images on the Internet.” She is also an artist and printmaker working from her with Digital Eyes Studio in Windsor, Maine.

After years of studying and using e-mail and e-newsletter marketing (one e-news has been continuously published monthly since 2005), Jeri is also focusing her services on helping businesses use these resources effectively to increase their profit and customer satisfaction.

Jen is a talented computer generalist with experience in drafting, mapping, imaging and design for websites. Her work in the Studio involves the maintenance of websites, Search Engine Optimization, image optimization and other webmaster duties to ensure that your site is designed and operating at peak performance. She is also a sales and gallery representative for the with Digital Eyes Studio.

Jeri and Jen would be pleased to work with you to
help meet your digital goals.